the ERA coalition

The ERA Coalition is a collection of more than 25 member organizations working on the ground to pass the amendment with board members like Gloria Steinem, Jessica Neuwirth and Carol Jenkins. 

equal means equal

This website includes fact sheets and examples of the ways that the ERA would impact different facets of women's lives. There is also a movie available on iTunes with a great overview of the amendment and how not having it has impacted society. 


Recent articles

Fact Company article connecting all of the efforts happening to ignite a conversation around the ERA including coverage of the #passtheera assets. 

The key to getting gender equality in the Constitution may be ... memes?

Mashable coverage of the #passtheera campaign and memes included in the gallery of this site. 

Pumping new life into the ERA

The New York Times Editorial Board 

ERA fight still alive 35 years later

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article. Includes a good explanation of the 3-state strategy.

national poll

Nationally representative poll that found 80% of Americans already believe that men and women have equal rights under the law and 94% support an amendment to the Constitution. 

How To Fight For The Equal Rights Amendment, Because 2017 Is Our Year

Article in Bustle with actions